Before the shape of the new Dutch Cabinet has even been decided, stormy clouds are already appearing above the Dutch farming industry.
Headlines in the news, such as “Reduction in Livestock Numbers Inevitable” (Krimp Veestapel onontkoombaar – De Volkskrant), and “Brussels invests billions in Organic Farming” (Brussel steekt Miljarden in Bio-Landbouw – De Boerderij), in combination with one-sided current affairs programmes on the TV (“Exhausted Soil”, Uitgeputte Bodem – Zembla), are all seemingly pointing in this direction. If this is the direction taken, then we have to follow and stay ahead.
Emotion is currently reigning over reason again. However, it remains important that we continue to promote the industry positively. Stick to the facts during interviews, and don’t be tempted to say anything emotional. Be proud of our industry!
Show what has already been achieved, and the efforts currently being made by all links in the chain to ensure the farming industry in the Netherlands remains healthy. Innovation, sustainability and care for the environment can go hand in hand to achieve the 2030 goals.

There are plenty of opportunities that focus on the future. E.F.S. celebrates 25 years of existence this month, and we’re committed to staying around for at least another 25.

Bert van Bremen