ActiBeet® is a natural betaine extracted from sugar beet molasses and is produced in Europe. ActiBeet® is obtained from a complex refining process of sugar production residue.

ActiBeet® is produced by Agrana, Austria. The product is GMO-free and can be used for all animal species.

Many independent studies from renowned institutes (including Schothorst, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences) have shown that betaine contributes to the improvement of animal health and sustainability of feed.

The addition of natural betaine saves methionine, glycine and choline (chloride). Betaine also is an osmosis protector (anti-heat stress) and combats fatty liver.

The dosage of ActiBeet® depends on the animal’s specie and age group.

ActiBeet® is available in liquid and crystalline form.

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