Dysantic® has been especially developed for pigs to support their intestinal flora and boost their immune system against unfavourable bacteria. This creates a well-balanced intestinal environment and keeps pigs healthy.

Dysantic® is a mixture of especially selected phytogenic products. Its ingredients are known be selective and to have strong antibacterial properties.

Various studies have shown that Dysantic® is well-suited for rations. It conforms with the global trend of antibiotics use reduction. Analysis methods developed in-house guarantee constant raw material quality and the efficacy of Dysantic®.

The recommended dosage is 1-3 kgs per mton feed.

Dysantic® is press/heat-stable, available in 20 kgs bags and can be used as a complementary feed in every phase of a pig’s life.

More information? Please contact the E.F.S.-sales team.

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