S-Pro™ 37 is a liquid hydrolysed salmon protein containing 37% crude protein, made with the by-products of farmed Norwegian salmon. S-Pro™ 37 has several nutritional and functional benefits in pet food, such as high digestibility, palatability, hardness, and abrasion resistance. A test was conducted to assess the influence of S-Pro™ 37 on the abrasion resistance and hardness of cat food.

The control cat food contained 20% fresh salmon. In the test cat food, this was replaced by S-Pro™ 37. The Quick Test and the Kempink Test were used to measure abrasion resistance.

Control cat food Test cat food with S-Pro™ 37
Hardness (N) 52.3 ± 6.0 44.1 ± 6.4
Abrasion resistance (%)
Quick Test 95.1 97.8
Kempink Test 94.0 96.0

Table 1. Measured kibble quality of control and test cat food.

The table above shows that the cat food with S-Pro™ 37 has a higher abrasion resistance in both the Quick Test and the Kempink Test. The hardness of cat food with S-Pro™ 37 is significantly lower than the control cat food (P < 0.01).

Basically, adding S-Pro™ 37 improves the quality of the kibbles.

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