Here it is: the 23rd edition of our newsletter. In February 2011 we sent out our first newsletter containing news items, research and other interesting information. As our sector is always in motion and technical novelties and new nutritional products are developed continuously, it is still easy for us to fill our newsletter after more than 6 years.

We are very active in the field of innovation and believe in a cooperation that pervades the entire chain. The agricultural sector’s PR has a lot of room for improvement. Fraudulent companies should be clamped down on more heavily, only then you stand Strong Together as a sector.

In the past year E.F.S. has experienced a strong growth. This development is based on, among other things, cooperation with various parties within the sector and intensive training. In 2017 we achieved, and of course also celebrated, several milestones. This is only possible with a united team in which anything can be discussed. No “Winning Team” without unity.

Social developments are monitored closely. Consumers increasingly think “organic”. By responding proactively, you will maintain a leading position as a company as well as a sector. We have set our sights on the future. The door to 2018 has already opened and together with our entire team, all that remains for me is to wish everyone much success and good health for the future.

Bert van Bremen