The long hot summer gradually flows into an Indian summer. In the past two months we saw record–breaking drought, temperatures and hours of sunshine. This has an impact on all sectors. One sector thrives while another sector suffers damage. E.g. the catering industry saw a rise in turnover. Lower crop yields and raw material prices respond to this, thus generating a lively trade.

Now the summer holidays are coming to an end, ‘normal’ life starts again. Research projects are resumed, new meetings are arranged and preparations for, among others, trade fairs are back in full swing. Things are changing rapidly. Now the maximum levels of zinc and copper in feed need to be reduced further, presenting nutritionists with the challenge of creating wellbalanced feed. Moreover increasingly higher requirements are imposed on the quality of raw materials (among others microbiological: bacteria, fungi and corresponding toxins).

Opportunities galore for E.F.S. to find a proactive response.

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Bert van Bremen