Brocacel® is a deactivated yeast culture made of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is suitable for all animal species.

The yeast is 100% pure, no waste stream/by-product from fermentation processes. Brocacel is produced exclusively for E.F.S.

Brocacel® can be used for a wide range of animal species. It contains health promoting nutrients such as MOS and beta-glucans and it contains, a high nucleotide content, glutamates and B vitamins. Brocacel® contains ≥ 45% crude protein.

These nutrients make Brocacel® suitable for a wide range of animal species:

  • flavour enhancer in pet food and in feed for young animals (piglets, calves).
  • prebiotic for all animal species, stimulates the development of the intestinal villi, the amount of macrophages in the mucosa and the activity of digestive enzymes.

The dosage of Brocacel® varies between 3 and 10 kgs per mton feed and is species-dependent.

Brocacel® is press/heat-stable, available in bags (25 kgs) and big bags.

More information? Please contact the E.F.S.-sales team.

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