The new year has already been underway for a few of weeks, but we would still like to wish you all the best for 2019!

Numerous factors such as continuously changing legislation, public opinion and Brexit are issues that force us to look to the future and remain innovative. Stagnation equals regression. Therefore the compound feed industry keeps moving constantly and gives us plenty of challenges and opportunities. Getting off the beaten track generates new ideas and keeps the mind sharp. The consumer needs to regain confidence in and respect for the agricultural sector. In order to gather support cooperation throughout the chain is key. Partnerships in the compound feed industry are a good example of this.

E.F.S. has planned numerous projects for 2019 and we foresee that these will contribute to the development of our company in the Netherlands as well as abroad. We are looking to the future with great confidence and we hope that you will enjoy reading our 27th newsletter.

Bert van Bremen