Salmon oil is a much-valued omega-3 source in the agricultural sector. Due to its many positive qualities salmon oil can be used in feed for all animal species.

Its unique production process ensures this stable salmon oil is produced sustainably. The oil is extracted from salmon slaughterhouse by-products. These slaugtherhouses only process salmon farmed in a sustainable manner with respect for humans, animals and the environment. Without exception all our suppliers are in possession of accreditations including ASC, MSC and IFFO RS.

E.F.S. has over 20 years of experience with salmon oil and has various qualities in its portfolio. Our salmon oil is available from stock. Its fatty acid composition and PCB and dioxin analyses are included in each delivery.

Literature and our own field research show that salmon oil makes a comprehensive contribution to animal health. Salmon oil has a positive effect on, among others, the regeneration capacity of the skin and coat, fertility, immune system, joints, concentration, memory and feed intake.

The recommended dosage of salmon oil varies per animal species and lies between 5 and 20 kgs per mton feed.

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