Here it is: the first edition of Volume 10 of our Newsletter. The 1st quarter of 2020 has almost passed and prospects are fine. Although the whole world is in the grip of the Coronavirus and it affects all parts of society, we will not address it in this newsletter. We always keep our eyes on the horizon and the virus is transient. Troublesome, but manageable.

It takes a fresh perspective and a clear head to come up with a proactive response. The government imposes all kinds of measures and puts up barriers. Everyone in the sector should have a duty to show consumers that our countries supply high quality products with regard for animal welfare, environment and sustainability. Exuding our pride in our agricultural sector.

Looking beyond our borders teaches us there are a myriad of opportunities to add value to our expertise and service and expand our company further.

Innovation, development and growth go hand in hand at E.F.S.

Hoping to meet you again in the next newsletter.

Bert van Bremen