On 1 January, Europe was confronted with Brexit. E.F.S. has been importing various salmon oils and salmon protein from Great Britain for over 20 years. By leaving the EU, the United Kingdom is now treated as a third country, and subject to all standard European import procedures. The agreement on a new form of partnership between the EU and the United Kingdom was only reached on 24 December 2020, leaving very little time to prepare for Brexit. In the first quarter, this resulted in all kinds of issues for everyone involved, including E.F.S. Just about all conceivable and inconceivable issues and anecdotes have come to light. Fortunately, partly due to the patience and understanding of our business partners, we were able to learn a lot from this, and the import of Scottish oil is now running relatively smoothly again.

Price changes

At the moment, the global market is experiencing a decline in fish oil prices. E.F.S. is aware of this decline. Despite COVID-19, enough fish is being slaughtered, and there is sufficient stock available. In addition, the quota in South America is quite big, and enough fish are being caught, so global stocks are sufficient.

However, Brexit and the consequent customs clearance obligation with the Dutch authorities, have increased the clearance costs for Scottish salmon oil and E.F.S. Scottish fish oil. As a result, E.F.S. customers are not immediately reaping the benefits of the drop in Scottish salmon/fish oil prices.

If you have any questions about Brexit, please contact the E.F.S. sales team.