JELUVET® is a crude fibre source of pure natural lignocellulose. Through a special manufacturing process the natural integrity of the fibre is maintained for maximum effect. A functional ingredient for inclusion into both compound feed and pet food.

JELUVET® supports gut integrity and improves gut health. Only with a healthy gut can animals fully achieve their genetic potential.

At a crude fibre content 2—3 times higher than that of more conventional fibres JELUVET® can provide a desired crude fibre content for less inclusion. This leaves more room for other nutrients.

JELUVET® prolongs the feeling of satiety, facilitates intestinal passage and prevents constipation resulting in healthier animals along with improved fertility.

Excellent water binding capacity improves faecal quality supporting the overall health of the animal. Improved faecal quality leads to better sanitary conditions.

JELUVET® is absolutely free of mycotoxins. This product eliminates the risk of additional entry of mycotoxins into the ration.

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