S-Pro™ is a high-quality protein source, sustainably produced from slaughterhouse by-products. As a result of the hydrolysis process over 80% of the peptide particles are < 1000 Da. This hydrolysed protein has a 98-100% digestibility and is a great addition to the rations of young animals.

Its high palatability increases the feed intake, making it a very suitable product for young piglets and a perfect addition to pet food.

S-Pro™ adds high wear resistance and hardness to the pellet, increases press capacity and can be used in extruded, pressed and expanded feed. With a viscocity of 50 mPa (17°C) this product is easy to process.

This European protein source is available as S-Pro™ 30 with 30% protein and S-Pro™ 37 with 37% protein.

E.F.S. supplies S-Pro™ in bulk and IBC’s.

The recommended dosage is 1-5%.

More information? Please contact the E.F.S.-sales team.

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