We are on a mission

At E.F.S. we made it our mission to increase sustainable food production and the value of compound feed in livestock farming. We do this by innovating and combining our experience, research and expertise to create value adding raw materials.

Unrivalled in Salmon Oil

Euro Feed Services is one of the leading salmon oil suppliers of the feed industry in Western Europe. With our own storage facilities and short lines of communication between E.F.S., logistics and the customer, we ensure fast and professional deliveries.

Quality first

Our quality products are safe and manufactured sustainably, with respect for humans, animals and the environment. We are proud our products comfortably meet all regulatory requirements and standards.

Our foundation

The expertise E.F.S. has acquired over the past 30 years did not appear overnight. It has only been made possible by long-term relationships with all parties and the willingness to share knowledge. This is our strength. We know the way, we know the regulations.

Quality & Safety

Quality and safety create the basis of our way of managing. Being a GMP+ certified company, we guarantee the delivery of quality products. Besides this, E.F.S. thoroughly complies with the standards of SecureFeed and is therefore an accredited supplier for many feed companies.

Transport & Supply

By having it’s own storage facilities and the short lines from E.F.S. to logistics to customer, E.F.S.-Holland can guarantee a quick delivery. A good cooperation with specialised transportation businesses, makes a fast and competent supply of our products possible.

Besides our products coming from all over the world, they are also spread to all corners of the world. For this, E.F.S.-Holland works together with several distributors who represent our products in various countries.


Mobile Decontamination

Meet our latest innovation, the "EFS-01". With this mobile installation, E.F.S. offers a unique on-site service to treat various raw materials and feeds right where its needed. We bring flexiblity, as a fixed installation in a mill or storage facility is no longer required.

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