RunderFit™ 2.0 is a feed additive and has been especially developed to promote hoof health in ungulates (cattle, goats, sheep). It can be used for curative as well as preventative purposes.

This ingenious mixture of herbs and adjuvants helps to boost the immune system against unfavourable bacteria. Its ingredients include flavonoids, bitter substances, mucilages, tannins and essential oils known for their beneficial and selective effect.

RunderFit™ 2.0 makes a good addition to farm rations and is a natural way to promote hoof and animal health. RunderFit™ 2.0 contributes to the global trend of antibiotics use reduction.

The recommended dosage, after the start-up-phase, is 25 grams per cow per day.

RunderFit™ 2.0 is available in 20 kgs bags.

More information? Please contact the E.F.S.-sales team.

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