Soy CP is a high-quality protein source from Europe and is produced from traceable GMO-free soybeans.

As a result of a unique optimising fermentation process the amino acid profile of this product meets the nutritional needs of young animals perfectly.

Soy CP is suitable for feeding farm animals, aquaculture and pet animals.

Research into animals, including pigs, shows that Soy CP has a very high ileal digestibility and therefore it is a suitable alternative in feeds that do not contain raw materials of animal origin.

Soy CP has a crude protein level of about 56% and a high palatability. Due to its special fermentation process Soy CP contains a low level of antinutritional factors (ANFs).

The Soy CP dosage depends on the animal species and its age category and varies from 5-20% in feeds.

The product is available in 25 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags.

More information? Please contact the E.F.S. sales team.

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