This combination of acids has been authorised for use in organic feeds and raw materials of plant and animal origin.

This ingenious formula provides effective protection against unwanted microorganisms.

Stabilacid™ Organic Liquid

Stabilacid™ Organic Liquid has been optimised for use in liquid dosage systems and EFS-01.

The recommended dosage for Stabilacid™ Organic Liquid is 4-15 kgs per mton feed/raw materials.

Stabilacid™ Dry

Stabilacid™ Dry has been especially developed for flushing production lines and conveyor systems. It also provides a good alternative to Stabilacid™ Liquid in case it is impossible to use liquid E.F.S. products.

The recommended dosage for Stabilacid™ Dry is 2-10 kgs per mton feed or raw material. The flushing dosage for production lines and conveyor systems varies per system.

More information? Please contact the E.F.S.-sales team.

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