Only 35 years in the feed business and we are still faced with surprises.

The world has become smaller, which is clearly shown by the speed at which the Covid virus has been sweeping across our planet for over two years.
To some extent this is also true for the speed of developments in our discipline: The Feed Industry.
Prices of raw materials are global and changes also spread around the globe in a matter of weeks. However, we have never had the experience of all raw materials drastically increasing in price in a very short time. Price increases of 40-50% have become normal and the price of some raw materials has risen as much as 300%.
This is just like a virus and we need to try and regain control.

This may not seem like a positive start to this newsletter, but there are positive aspects to this development. The necessities of the situation are making companies become more inventive and they are starting looking for alternatives and sustainable solutions. It is a wake-up call for everyone and partnerships are being forged. In the end everything will stabilise again.
A continuous search for new opportunities, seeing and seizing them is a fundamental part of our company.
All in all, there will be plenty of challenges in 2022.

We wish everyone the best of luck with these challenges and all the best for 2022 in good health, both personally and in business.

Bert van Bremen