On 28 March 1996 Euro Feed Services (E.F.S) first joined the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. One of the key pillars of our company is long-term vision. This already showed in the early days of E.F.S., as preparations for the operational start of the company took a year to complete. Investment in the future requires thorough preparation. This is a guiding principle of our company.

Fast trade does not suit us. With suppliers as well as customers we have long-standing relationships that go beyond business. We always try to keep the human element and social aspect in mind.

In our team there is room for an open mind, with light-hearted allusions to each others’ flaws. The pleasure of working (together) brings many benefits and forms the basis of a healthy company.

Now, after 25 years, we can say that our vision has had a favourable outcome and that we have laid a solid foundation for the next 25 years. I am proud to say that all this has been a team effort.

We cannot look into a crystal ball, but we can prepare for a future in which the agricultural sector will have different position in society and politics than that of 25 years ago.
Good contacts and accurate information provision to all sections of society (politics, education, media, NGOs, etc.) will ensure a place for many companies in a healthy agricultural environment in 2050 as well.

On to 2050!

Bert van Bremen
May, 2021