We talked about this subject in the previous newsletter, but it certainly deserves some more attention.
In April 1996, Cees Twint and the undersigned embarked on a journey that would take them into unknown territory.
We were both young, married, with small children and a child on the way, committed and with no shortage of new ideas. No products, customers or major capital injections, but with a firm will and drive to succeed.
And now, 25 years down the road, we can look back – but also look ahead.

The past 25 years can certainly not be described as dull. Always challenges to tackle. New products to replace AGPs, finding innovative solutions in the face of border closures due to e.g. foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza and dioxin scandals. But also the ban on animal proteins and the use of formaldehyde, the corona pandemic, a sudden breakup of carefully built-up relationships, mergers and countless other things that we have come up against.
It has always been a matter of one step back and two steps forward.
But nothing has ever stood in the way of our continued and further development. E.F.S. has proven itself, and is an independent and specialised company with a great team on board.
Our eyes are on the next 25 years and new investments have been made for the future.
Just as soon as circumstances permit, we will be out on the road again, visiting customers and suppliers, attending trade fairs and setting up trials. A professional approach, long-term vision, our own products and intensive internal and external training and supervision safeguard the firm foundations for a healthy future ahead for our company.

The international feed industry: never a dull moment.

Bert van Bremen