21 March 2022 is a significant moment to open this introduction.
21 March is usually seen as heralding the beginning of spring and with many pandemic measures being lifted, we should have been returning to normal life.

However, less than three months ago we reported on a chaotic market – not imagining that we would be living in such a chaotic world now, at the end of March. Our thoughts go out to the millions of people who are suffering at the hands of one dangerous man whose dogmatic caprices are ensnaring the entire world in his power games. We sincerely hope this war will soon come to an end. In war there are no winners, everyone loses.
As well as creating a humanitarian disaster in Ukraine, the situation is also directly impacting our sector. Ukraine is one of the world’s major grain producers and an extremely important supplier of raw materials. Trade with the countries involved has come to a virtual standstill and there seems to be no end to the spiralling prices.
Every possibility is being explored to reorganise stocks and supply chains in order to secure feed production.
At times like these, it is vital that we all pull together to limit the damage caused by all these factors. A wake-up call for all of Europe!
Consumers in our countries are now also starting to notice the effects. A larger part of an average family’s disposable income will have to be spent on the basic necessities in the time ahead. Now is a time to seriously consider how to spend the available income and to become aware of and grateful for what we have now.
I would like to conclude by hoping that this spring will also bring some warmth and sunshine into the lives of all those suffering from the terror inflicted by others, and that our next newsletter can paint a brighter picture.

Bert van Bremen