E.F.S. has over 25 years of experience in control of microorganisms, such as Salmonella in feeds and raw materials. In this newsletter we will guide you through our technical solutions and other options in the battle against unwanted microorganisms.
We have knowledge of different suitable products, as well as a profound technical and practical understanding of the correct application of those products and the right location in a factory or storage facility.
A good product forms the basis for effective treatment, but if it is not used correctly a large part of its effectiveness will be wasted.
A good understanding of production processes, mixers, press, coolers, conveyor systems etc., is vital to determine the optimal dosage to achieve the highest effectiveness.
Our technical specialists are happy to carry out an on-site survey of a production system and draw up a report of their visit. This report will help the customer find the right solution for their facility.

Bespoke equipment

We do not only offer specific acid mixtures to kill microorganisms, but we are also able to supply and install specialist dosing equipment. This equipment is tailored to the location and designed in-house. After installation by our technical team, the system is subjected to extensive testing before it is handed over to the customer.

Safety first

We can also provide in-company safety training. The training sessions will address the importance of bacteriological control and the practical issues of dealing with chemicals.

Mobile installation: EFS-01

Because of our specific know-how we have been frequently invited to assess treatment options for blocked contaminated raw materials in storage.
This has led to the development of EFS-01: a compact mobile installation enabling us to treat batches of raw materials against unwanted microorganisms at any location. These raw materials are often stored in storage sheds, with only loaders and conveyors at hand.

Our installation enables us to treat raw materials at many different locations at a speed of 30-60 tons per hour, depending on the product and location. ‘Decontamination on Location’.

If the location is new to us, our technical specialist will visit it first. This will be arranged in close consultation with the customer and the storage and/or transshipment facility to ensure clear communication about, for example, assistance required from the facility.

E.F.S. has its own laboratory where tests can be carried out to establish which treatment is most effective for the raw materials/feeds needing it.


After a full assessment, an open calculation is made and presented to the customer.

Looking for bacteriological safeguards for your valuable raw materials/feeds? E.F.S. is your partner.

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