In the past 3 years, there have been successive crises that have forced many companies to turn to innovation to secure their futures. Many sectors have taken some hard knocks, and a lot of companies fear for their survival.

Despite the nitrogen problem, steep prices for raw materials and energy and so on that affect our sector in the Netherlands, we have to consider ourselves lucky to work in the animal feed sector. This does affect us too, of course, but to a much lesser extent in terms of numbers. That is because the last thing people will cut down on is food, and our position at the forefront of food production means that our markets are much better insulated.

With this, we have a positive outlook. We are focusing more on markets outside the Benelux/Germany and are developing new products and concepts.

All this means we need to expand our logistics and storage facilities, as well as the team. As they say in the Netherlands, “You only get one chance to buy your neighbour’s land,” and that is literally what we did with the building next door. After a drastic renovation designed to improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption, we started using this building in September. It is now heated and cooled by heat pumps and air conditioning units, and there are solar panels on the roof.

This expansion means we can store more inventory, which is essential for our growing portfolio and for us to continue providing our services.

EFS is ready for the future!

Bert van Bremen