From 6-8 April we visited the Global Feed Safety Summit in Berlin, organised by GMP+ International. Many participants from across the world were there to discuss the newest insights and developments relating to feed safety.

The challenge to ensure food security for 10 billion people by 2050 is enormous. An optimal mix of plant-based and animal protein is the best choice for efficient and sustainable food production. New protein sources such as insect protein and PAP (processed animal protein) will become more common in Europe.

In addition to feed and food safety requirements, there will be an increased emphasis on requirements concerning sustainable and climate neutral food production. This is becoming an ever more urgent demand of supermarkets, in particular. When it comes to guaranteeing the conditions for sustainability, GMP+ can lead the way, for example, by implementing new methods such as remote auditing and blockchain technology.

To summarise, representatives from the animal feed sector participated in an open and informal discussion, sharing knowledge and ideas to secure the future of feed safety and sustainable food production.