A plant-based substitute for fish meal in young animal feed? ME-PRO® Platinum is the answer!

ME-PRO® Platinum is produced in the US from traceable, sustainable and GMO-free soy protein. The secret of ME-PRO® Platinum’s success is its optimised fermentation process with soy expeller. This fermentation process with a naturally occurring and organically certified microorganism, Aureobasidium pullulan, results in a light-coloured powder with a particle size of ±150 μm. ME-PRO® Platinum contains a high level of crude protein (>70%). The amino acid profile lies between that of fish meal and blood plasma. What makes ME-PRO® Platinum special is its high ileal digestibility of over 90% in piglets, creating a high amino acid availability which is vital during the first stage of the piglet’s life. The high availability of this protein also contributes to a better energy use of feed.

With its high protein level and high nutritional value ME-PRO® Platinum is an ideal product for young animals.

Antinutritional factors

Another benefit of the ME-PRO® Platinum production process is the reduction of antinutritional factors (ANFs), including oligosaccharides such as raffinose and stachyose. The very low levels of oligosaccharides in ME-PRO® Platinum minimally affect the gastrointestinal tract of young animals and retain a high digestibility of the nutrients. Also antitrypsin is rendered harmless during the fermentation process. Lastly the level of phytic acid in ME-PRO® Platinum is significantly reduced, which increases the phosphorus digestibility with 33% compared with soy meal. This leads to a reduction in non-absorbed phosphorus excretion and is less harmful for the environment.


In addition to its high level of ANFs, soy is one the eight feeding stuffs containing the most allergens. Two of the most common allergens in soy are glycine and β conglycinin. The special fermentation process strongly reduces the level of these heat-resistant allergens in comparison to a soy product that is only heat-treated. The growth of young animals will possibly improve as ME PRO® Platinum is less harmful to the immune system, leaving more energy available for growth.

ME-PRO® Platinum greatly contributes to efficient, sustainable and needs-based feeds. Its high nutritional value and very high digestibility on the one hand and its low levels of ANFs such as allergens on the other, make ME PRO® Platinum a very interesting and useable substitute for other feeds including fish meal.

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