E.F.S. is pleased to announce it has obtained exclusive marketing rights for ME-PRO® Platinum for the Benelux countries and German-speaking countries for farmed animals and pet animals!

ME-PRO® Platinum

ME-PRO® stands for ‘Microbially Enhanced PROtein’. ME-PRO® Platinum is a plant-based and high-quality protein source from the United States and is produced from traceable GMO-free soybeans.
It has been especially developed as an alternative protein source for the aquaculture sector and is used extensively all over the world.

Its optimising fermentation process with naturally occurring and organically certified microorganism Aureobasidium pullulan results in a product that has an amino acid profile (RE >70%) and a fineness (±150 microns) that meets the nutritional needs of young animals perfectly. The amino acid profile lies between that of fish meal and blood plasma, making it a unique plant-based protein source.

Young animals

University research into piglets shows that ME-PRO® Platinum has a very high ileal digestibility. The studies show that piglets with an average body weight of 10 kgs with a ration containing ME-PRO® Platinum had an average ileal digestibility of 81% RE, while an average ileal digestibility of 68.2% RE was found in piglets with the same average body weight with a ration containing fish meal. Piglets with an average body weight of 30 kgs even had an average of 90.3% RE ileal digestibility with feed containing ME-PRO® Platinum, compared with an 88.8% ileal digestibility with feed containing fish meal.
Other university research shows that the addition of ME-PRO® Platinum to rations reduces the number of piglets with post-weaning diarrhoea.

One of ME-PRO® Platinum’s secrets of success is its special fermentation process.

ME-PRO® Platinum has a high palatability and contains very low levels of antinutrients such as NSP, lectins and trypsin inhibitors. Another result of the fermentation process is a very high digestibility of phosphorus. Research into piglets with a ration containing standard soy meal without phytase shows a phosphorus digestibility 56% at the most. The same study with a ration containing ME-PRO® shows a phosphorus digestibility of >89%, and that without the addition of phytase!

ME-PRO® Platinum is available in 25 kg bags and 1000 kg big bags. Please contact us to find out what E.F.S. and ME-PRO® Platinum can do for you! We are happy to tell you all about it.