ActiBeet® – natural betaine, your NUTRITIONAL solution to heat stress!

Worldwide climate change causes an increase in heat stress related animal health problems in livestock farming. The global agricultural intensification of livestock farming and genetic changes contribute to a rise in heat stress cases.

Heat stress has a direct impact on the animal’s biological functions and animal welfare. This has direct consequences for animal growth, fertility and health status.

When heat stress occurs the feed intake and therefore the intake of much-needed nutrients and energy decreases. For good thermoregulation and growth energy and the right nutrients are essential in case of heat stress. In addition to these direct consequences of short-term heat stress, long-term heat stress has a bigger impact on, among others, animal reproduction and growth. The long-term consequences of heat stress can also have dramatic economic consequences.

There is a growing interest in the use of nutritional solutions as an inventive solution in the battle against heat stress in addition to the current techniques such as cooling systems and ventilation systems for climate improvement in stables.

A nutrient that can contribute against heat stress is natural betaine. A natural betaine, such as ActiBeet® (GMO-free) extracted from sugar beet, is a much scientifically studied and successfully used nutrient in animal feeds. It is a proven nutritional solution as part of a heat stress reduction strategy to limit production loss and energy loss.

ActiBeet® – natural betaine is an effective heat stress protector as well as a scientifically proven efficient methyl donor in the methionine cycle and also saves glycine.

A recent ActiBeet® study, carried out in cooperation with Agrana, shows that natural betaine is also essential for the health and productivity of cattle affected by heat stress, as in addition to its well-known functions, being a natural osmolyte, natural betaine also contributes to the rumen fermentation processes.

As betaine is a natural osmolyte, the cells retain their integrity and functionality and fluid loss in the cell is prevented when heat stress occurs.

ActiBeet® will be available at E.F.S.-Holland from mid-September 2020.

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