E.F.S.-Holland is always on the lookout for new, highquality products that match its portfolio. As of April 1st, E.F.S. has the sales rights for ActiBeet® in Germany and the Benelux.

ActiBeet® is a natural source of betaine, which is extracted from sugar beets. ActiBeet® is produced in Europe and contains at least 33% betaine. The product is available in liquid form as well as on a carrier.

Independent research by Schothorst shows that the product’s performance in broilers (Ross 308) is comparable to other equivalent betaine sources. Some of the results are presented in the table below. 700 ppm (converted value) of every type of betaine has been added.

Feed conversion
Figure 1. Feed conversion

Schothorst research results
Figure 2. Schothorst research results

This source of betaine may serve as a complete replacement for Cholin Chloride, with which you can also increase the stability of your feed. In addition to this positive property, ActiBeet® plays an important role in the animal’s osmosis. This helps to prevent heat stress. Betaine also reduces intestinal infections and increases the amount of breast meat in broilers.