Recent research performed in Thailand by Agrana has revealed that, in addition to its well-known effect as a methyldonor and osmolyte, ActiBeet® also has the ability to increase the amount of breast meat in broilers and reduce the percentage of abdominal fat. This study also showed that ActiBeet® improves the intestinal health and litter score of broilers. This offers financial advantages and improveds animal welfare. The study had five trial groups: a positive control, negative control (NC: LOW ME) and three groups (NC) with the following components: ActiBeet® liquid 40% (T3), 96% crystalline anhydrous betaine (T4) and choline chloride (T5).

The graph below illustrates the different litter moisture content and litter score (1 good; light brown and quite dry, 2 fair; brown color and quite wet, 3 poor; dark brown and wet).

Results research
Figure 1. Results research