E.F.S. has been a distributor for the product ActiBeet Liquid from the Austrian company Agrana for over 4 years now. As of 2020 a new form of betaine will be added to the distributorship: ActiBeet 96%.

ActiBeet 96% is a dry anhydrate crystalline betaine, produced from ActiBeet Liquid. This registered betaine (3a920) has a 98% dry matter content, has a light brown colour and has good flowing properties. Its dosage depends on the purpose and the target animal, but ActiBeet Liquid can be used from 0.2 kgs/ton.

With the new ActiBeet a stream of vinasse also becomes available. E.F.S. has been authorised to provide it to the Dutch market.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact the E.F.S. sales team.