E.F.S. recently had an in vitro study performed using the mycotoxin deactivator Tox-Aid® which was developed by E.F.S. This study measured the deactivation capacity of Tox-Aid® and three other, renowned mycotoxin deactivators/binders on DON and ZEA in pigs and poultry. Tox-Aid® gave significantly better results than the renowned products of the competitors. Tox-Aid® has a 15-18% higher deactivation capacity for DON and ZEA than the other products in the study. The study also demonstrates that our product Tox-Aid® is capable of deactivating the mycotoxins DON and ZEA to a great extent. Tox-Aid® therefore makes a vital contribution to the health and fertility of animals.

Tox-Aid® is a highly effective product and extremely interesting in terms of price.

More information about this study? Please contact the E.F.S.-team.