Tox-aid® is a natural solution that deactivates mycotoxins.

In three steps mycotoxins in the animal are rendered harmless. E.F.S. believes nature has a solution for everything. However, this also needs to be demonstrated. With the slogan “Inspired by nature, Scientifically proven” in mind, E.F.S. has carried out further in vitro research into the deactivation capacity of Tox-Aid®.

A combination of the right bentonite, deactivated yeasts and herbs enable Tox-Aid® to deactivate fumonisin (FUM) and ochratoxin A (OTA). The test shows that 96% of fumonisin B1, 90% of fumonisin B2 and 77% of ochratoxine A is deactivated.

Mycotoxins fumonisin and ochratoxin each have different effects on the animal. Ochratoxin damages the kidneys and the liver. Furthermore fumonisin can affect the lungs and the brain.