S-Pro™ is a hydrolysed salmon protein produced from fresh by-products coming from slaughterhouses that process Norwegian Atlantic salmon for human consumption. S-Pro™ is a feed that can be used for all animal species, except for cattle. Its in vitro ileal digestibility ranges between 98-100%.

Research has shown that the addition of S-Pro™ to the ration of pigs results in a higher feed intake and higher daily growth.

In a study the effect of S-Pro™ on the health parameters of pigs was compared with that of soy protein concentrate, fish meal and combinations of these. During this study 100 pigs were fed five different experimental diets ad libitum in the course of four weeks. The feed intake, manure score and health status were measured and registered on a daily basis.


Pigs on a ration containing S-Pro™ or a S-Pro™ fish meal combination, ate 12-14% more (P <0.03) than pigs that had been given feed with soy protein concentrate. Compared with those that were fed soy protein concentrate, the growth of the pigs that were fed S-Pro™ or S-Pro™ + fish meal was 9-11% higher (P = 0.06). No difference in stool was found.