Brocacel® is an inactivated yeast culture (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) with a high concentration of metabolites, such as vitamins, isoacids, enzymes and amino acids. Brocacel® is suitable for all types of animal feed and is used for the high nutritional value and for the prophylactic effect. In this trial, Brocacel® was used to test the effect on the performances of weaned piglets.

88 weaned piglets received a control diet and 87 weaned piglets received this diet with an addition of Brocacel® (0,5%). During the trial, feed intake and body weight were determined.

During 51 days, the average feed conversion ratio was lower in the trial group compared to the control group (1.72 for the trial group and 1.76 for the control group). The group weaned piglets fed with the addition of Brocacel® had a higher growth and a lower average feed conversion ratio.

Results trial
Figure 1. Results trial (source: Hochschule Osnabrück)