For dairy cattle at farms foot problems are a regular occurrence. Due to wet stable floors, hard cubicle beddings and a high milk yield demand cows are very susceptible to infections.

The first RunderFit™ was developed 17 years ago by a hoof trimmer as conventional methods like foot baths, zinc sprays and medication did not help sufficiently. The hoof trimmer started feeding cows with hoof problems on a supplementary feed of a specific mix of fresh herbs and within a few weeks he saw an improvement in hoof health and a strong reduction in digital dermatitis. In 2012 a partnership was set up with E.F.S.; this partnership generated continued product development and resulted in RunderFit™ 2.0.

Digital dermatitis

Digital dermatitis is caused by the Treponema bacterium which infects the cow. The infection is manifested in the interdigital space. As the infection starts within the cow, it is inadequate to deal with the clinical symptoms only. RunderFit™ 2.0 strengthens the immune system and tackles the problem internally.

Runderfit™ 2.0 only contains natural products such as herbs, yeasts and clay minerals. They boost the cow’s immune system and support it naturally. RunderFit™ 2.0 promotes milk yield, cell count, coat and specifically hoof health.

Feeding strategy

RunderFit™ 2.0 is a product that can easily be added to a ration. The initial dose is 25 grams/cow/day (1 week), the subsequent 6 weeks 30 grams/cow/ day can be fed. After this period a maintenance dose of 25 grams/cow/day is advisable. It is also important that dry cows and heifers receive RunderFit™ 2.0 as well. Within a few weeks this product will show results at the farm.

Are you interested or would you like to know if you can use it for other animals? Please contact the E.F.S.–team.