As of 1 March E.F.S. has two new animal health improving products in its portfolio.

Reason for this addition is the need for a reduction of antibiotics use in the EU. In recent years, on balance, the use has already fallen drastically. The compound feed sector can play a facilitating role in this process by using health stimulating and supplementary feeds such as prebiotics. E.F.S. contributes to the process by providing its new phytogenic products Dysantic® and Herbanoplex™.


Herbanoplex™ and Dysantic® have been developed by testing various phytogenic products and combinations of them. By means of, among others, the MRC method it has been determined in vitro which combinations have an inhibiting effect on Brachyspira and Clostridium Perfringens. It has also been determined if the combinations have no effect on lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

For application in the compound feed industry the products are extracted and dried by means of a special method. Also the right effectivity of every batch is analysed. This ensures that you as a customer will always have a consistent quality product.

Heat stability

Both Dysantic® and Herbanoplex™ have been tested for press stability and heat stability. It shows that when heated for 10 minutes to 90 °C Dysantic® does not lose any effectiveness. Herbanoplex™ does not show any loss of effectiveness when heated for 5 minutes to 105 °C. This makes both products highly suitable for processing in your feed.


Herbanoplex™ has been developed to be able to play a role in the reduction of antibiotics use in poultry.

This phytogenic mixture is able to disrupt the metabolism of pathogens such as Clostridium Perfringens and Clostridium Rectum, killing them in the process. This improves the technical results/performance of poultry at the farm.

In practice

Herbanoplex™ has shown good results in practice at laying hens and broiler farms. It is already used extensively in eastern European and South American countries. Research shows that the use of Herbanoplex™ achieves better results compared to antibacterial agents authorised in these countries.

Results show, among others, an increase in villi length, a lower mortality rate and decreasing feed conversion in broilers. Laying hens show a higher rate of egg laying and a higher egg weight.

Herbanoplex™ can be used in every phase of the chicken’s life.


The recommended dosage for Herbanoplex™ is 1 kg to a maximum of 4 kg per ton feed.

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Dysantic® has been developed especially to reduce the use of antibiotics in pigs. This special mixture is able to kill pathogenic bacteria in the animal and to improve the technical results/performance.

Dysantic® is, among others, effective against Brachyspira Hyodysenteriae and Hilosicoli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas and E. Coli.

In practice

Dysantic® is used extensively in Asian and South American countries. Here Dysantic® has already proved its worth in practice!

Various effects have been observed; higher growth, lower mortality rate, lower medication use, improving carcass quality and a lower feed conversion. In addition, tests were carried to compare feed containing Dysantic® with control feeds containing standard antibacterial agents such as antibiotics. All tests showed positive results.

Dysantic® can be used during the pig’s entire life cycle.


The recommended dosage for Dysantic® is 1 kg to a maximum of 3 kg per ton feed.

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