Although mycotoxins are relevant throughout the year, this is definitely the time to pay extra attention to this subject. New harvests are just around the corner. As of today, E.F.S. is bringing its own product against mycotoxins to market: Tox-Aid®. The significant effect of Tox-Aid® is the result of years of experience and knowledge building about how mycotoxins work, and how they can be neutralised.

Tox-Aid® contains a selection of clay minerals to bind Aflatoxins, Endotoxins and Ergot alkaloids. The binding of mycotoxins alone offers insufficient protection against, for example, Zearalenones. This is because a large group of mycotoxins are difficult, if not impossible, to bind. Consequently, Tox-Aid® contains inactivated yeast to deactivate mycotoxins like Zearalenones and Trichothecenes using enzymes. Tox-Aid® also contains various plant extracts for the necessary liver support and the removal of oxidative stress. This makes Tox-Aid® a complete product for a broad target group.

If you would like to know more about Tox-Aid®, please do not hesitate to contact E.F.S.-Holland.